5 reasons why you must go for trekking: 

Nowadays, we are so busy that we have forgotten that God have sent us to such beautiful world. We are so lost in this materialistic world that we have no idea of what do we have for us! I suggest to every busy person out there to go for trekking once in a while to relax your mind and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Let’s see some reasons why you must go for trekking???

1. To explore the nature’s beauty:517961952

On weekends, we people go for pubs and bars, resorts and many more materialistic things which gives you so much of fun, but you are lost somewhere inthis kind of things, and you have no idea that there is so much more fun exploring the nature and it’s beauty.

2. To understand your strengths:mountains-nature-backpack.jpg

We are all running in some rat race for the success, name, fame and money. We just don’t have any time to analyze our own strenghts. We are just struggling to be better than someone out there. You need to get out of that competition. and to realize that and to find your strngths, you need your own space. Nature will give you that space. Nature is waiting for you to unfold the truth, answer your questions and to make you realize worth of your life.

3. To realise your weaknesses and challenge your limits:CpMe8YzWEAAmtMG

While realising your strngths, it is also required to analyze your weakness and during trekking, you will understand your weeknesses, hownyou can you tackle the situations, how much you can limit youself and it will made you realize the REAL YOU!

4. To find the inner peace:nature-3046558_960_720

Nowadays, there is no peace can be found in temples as well, we are so lost that nobody can stop our mind, nobody can put it back to peace but just a nature, from which we are going far far away.

5. To cut off from the outside world:panorama-1993645_960_720

Once in a while, you should to be alone,ypu must enjoy yourown company, you must listen to your inner voice, you must cut off from the world and give your time to yourself. Nature gives you that peaceful opportunity to connect yourself, your soul.

Give a try to some natural place this weekend, you will feel happy.

21 thoughts on “5 reasons why you must go for trekking: 

  1. Dear Megha,

    I love going to the nature and make trekking tours. Often I feel one with nature when I am in the middle of huge forests surrounded by many lakes. Here in Finland we can walk for days without meeting anyone – then you are just alone with the beautiful nature, one with it.

    From heart to heart

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