Do what you love… 

I have failed so many times, initially I used to cry whenever I got less marks than expected, but then my elder brother used to ask me that why are you crying now? What’s the use of it now? Is it gonna change anything? And anyway you have studied this much only and so you have got this marks according to your studies. So why are you crying now?

Maybe, I used to cry because I was always afraid that how will I face my parents now? What will they think of me? But after a while, I felt like, this is my life, and this is not something which I like then how could I get so much in this if I am not studying willingly. And from that day, I just decided not to cry for such small failures. I can do something better which I love and there I won’t fail.

I decided to choose my interests. Studies was not my interest ever. I love sports and arts a lot. And then I tried many things related to sports and arts like writing poems, editing short films, stories, dancing and even music. And yeah, here I got the result, better than what I was seeking in those progress cards. 

These things never made me cry, never made me feel like I am doing a lot, never made me feel tired and even after doing all what it takes to succeed, I never got tired, worried or afraid of it. 

Sometimes, our parents chose a career path for us, that’s not fine if you are willing to do something else. I am not saying they are completely wrong, they are thinking about your future, they will think, but you will have to deal with your life, so it should be completely your decision.

You may succeed, you may earn a lot of money, but what about your dream, your satisfaction out of work, what about your inner happiness, what about the guilt of not following your passion???

So after some point of time, you have to take the charge of your life, instead of learning from your parents decisions which turned out to be mistakes for you, make your own decisions and do some mistakes on your own and learn from them and make it happen, whatever you were dreaming of, the way you wanted it.

Life is very precious, so don’t wrap it in the regret of burden of other’s expectations. Its one life, and you have to live it for yourself fully.

Do what you love and you will never regret!

– Suvarna (Megha).

42 thoughts on “Do what you love… 

  1. nathaswami

    I know of at least three cases where the son gave up the career chosen by his parents and followed what his mind told him to do. One man completed his medical course but became a musician – a renowned one at that. He earned more out of his musical performances than he would have as a medical practitioner. Another dropped out of the medical college his father had chosen and became an artist. He also became a great artist. Another one gave up his practice as an allopath (He had completed his MBBS) and started practising Siddha medicine because he was convinced the Siddha system developed by our ancient monks was free of poisons and side effects. In all these cases, the change of heart was not because of money, but because they found full satisfaction in their chosen career.

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  2. This sentence “make your own decisions and do some mistakes on your own and learn from them and make it happen, whatever you were dreaming of, the way you wanted it.” Is very touching and spoke words to me. Beautifully written 👏

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  3. Hah today my new post is with exactly the same title. We think alike. I totally agree with you.We are all busy and occupied with everyday hassle, but the people who do what they love and make their lives a priority enjoy life.  There are literally millions of people right now who are writing beautiful poems, or dancing under the starts, or doing yoga in front of the ocean…  Because they listen to their hearts and they do what they love, not denying  and playing victims of the circumstances.

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  5. Your words are very wise. My parents also wanted me always to study, study and find a regular average job. And now I regret not having followed my passions from the start, passions like singing, acting… now that I’m grown, I have more freedom to do what I love, but I regret not having done all this before 😦 thanks for your post!!! 🙂

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