Let’s Talk…

Hello Bloggers, 

I have one topic for all of us to discuss about…

“Do women still like it when men opens door for them, surprises with unexpected nice things, and take them out on dates?” 

Awaiting for your comments! 

– Suvarna (Megha).

102 thoughts on “Let’s Talk…

  1. I don’t know what women think but I am a chivalrous guy. Whenever I’m out with a girl, I feel obliged to open the door for her, let her in first, pay for the meal etc. The feminists might disagree with me but that’s just the way I am.

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    1. Yeah it really does. Little things do matter. The day I forgot my mum’s birthday, it left her sad. I still wonder why. Maybe because am a guy, and I don’t take those things really seriously. Am weird right?

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  2. I open the door for anyone who is immediately behind me or who is laden with a bundle or heavy cart. I like to surprise lady friends, with nice gifts, every so often. Dates are not a thing for me, as a sexagenarian, but if I do get together with a woman friend, I at least pick up the check.

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  3. Oh Yes!!! A gentleman is always a winner with the ladies. We need to be spoiled sometimes. If my fiancé surprises me and take me out I smile for days. It doesn’t take much to have quality time. I do the same for my man, but still think we should hold on to the good old fashion romance.

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  4. Well I don’t think on spellbound tales, courtesy mood in the modern societies are habits from days of yore.
    She could be thinking about a caretaker and when days running baddy could be mirror and more a valley tears

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  5. Yea, we do. Though the opening of doors thing is sweet but also overrated if you ask me. Some guys do it just out of habit. I doubt my feelings can be affected by how many times a guy open doors for me.
    However, unexpected dates and gifts are a great way to spice up a relationship.

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  6. Speaking as someone who likes to think of himself as a gentleman. I hold doors for anyone – male or female – because it is a polite and considerate thing to do.
    I also do the heavy lifting in my lab because the girls are half my size – not because I see them as weak, I don’t. It is simply safer for me to do it.
    My wife and female friends do like nice surprises though!

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  7. I don’t ​think just women..even men would like unexpected gifts, surprise dates..!!
    And as far as holding door is concerned I do that for everyone.. 🙂 🙂
    I think these things are overrated as far as men are concerned..wen u r in an equal relationship..you both can do these things for eachother.. 🙂

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      1. Well I will be back to India in day or so. In case we can talk you have my number so that I can plan when to give a seminar to students and this will give me or both of us chance to see each other. In case it’s not a problem

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  8. It’s hard to enjoy dates as I have lived on the road so eating out was required. I still love a good movie date. I enjoy having the door held open and remember kindly to thank the holder. I have watched many women walk through doors lately and never make eye contact with the person holding it for them. They do so as if they are royalty, and they are entitled to it. It’s sad…

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