New path…

I have started walking on a new path,
A path towards searching my identity
A path towards my destiny
No footprints/shadows of the past
No fear of the future
With dreams in my eyes
and some pain in my heart,
with teary eyes and cold harsh weather,
with the fire that’s burning within me to do something great and a little bit of passion;
Finally, I have started walking on my path
With spirit of a fighter
and desire to make it happen
Something which has never happened but something which is just about to happen
And it’s completely new path to walk on…❤

This is translation of my Hindi poem “चल पडी हू।” on the request of my blogger friends…

– Suvarna Barge (Megha).

29 thoughts on “New path…

  1. Thank you for the translation Survarna. This was very kind of you to spend time doing. It is more lovely than I anticipated! May the dukkha be a weakened experience, may bliss be abundant upon the path you embark. You seem a beautiful soul and I hope for you that which you seek and pleasant surprises along the way. The heart behing the words made me nearly cry…it’s okay…I totally forgive you for making me pouty-lipped : ) It changed to a smile at the end.

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