Because I am a girl…

I am a girl and I am fighting with this world to accept me as a human being first and then as a girl. It started when I was so young.

People used to tell, don’t sit like this, sit properly, you are a girl.

Don’t raise your voice, talk softly, you are a girl.

Don’t eat much, have an habit of eating limited, you are a girl.

Don’t dream big, stay in your limits. If you will be like this, who will marry you then? After all you are a girl.

Oh, your complexion is so dark, how will you get a good groom? After all you are a girl.

Oh, you don’t know how to cook, learn it now, you will have to do that only in future. After all you are a girl.

Don’t be so straight forward, keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself, no need to express much. You are a girl.

Don’t be so oversmart, no one will like to marry such an oversmart girl.

Don’t get highly educated, how will your parents get you a suitable groom later on?

You don’t need to learn much, you don’t need to go for higher studies, whatever you have achieved by now is more than enough being a girl.

No matter how much you learn and how much you earn, you have to be good with cooking and household works otherwise there is no use of all of your education, your upbringing.

What makes you perfect, being a girl is how you cook, whether you do household chores or not! You are born to do this all first and then if you get any time left for yourself, then support your husband, your family, his family, take care of all of them. Being a girl, you should be generous, kindest of all.

Every action, every achievement, every mistake, every statement about how to behave and how to not, every plan about how to live ended up with the statement that you are a girl.

It never really matters if you are better than your brothers or better than boys who are around you, because you are a girl.

People always underestimate a girl, a woman. We are still just sticked to that poor mentality which differentiates between men and women. (Not all of us, but still, many people out there have this mentality).

At one side, we talk about gender equality, and at another side, we are doing this all and teaching our sons how to control a girl or a woman instead of treating her as an individual. She is a human being first, she is an individual first and then a girl or a woman.

She has never given a choice whether she wants to take a birth as a male or female. Respect her individuality. Respect her emotions and feelings, appreciate her achievements, appreciate her hardwork, support her to live her dreams. Let her live.

In today’s date, women are doing more than their men. They are working for their home as well as working outside the home to support their husband, and still we make them realize in every point of time that “you are a woman”. She just needs words of appreciation, little support and so much of love which is not so much to expect for. Why do we lack that?

Why don’t we teach our sons to support her, help her a bit in household work. He comes home and rests for the remaining time. She comes home, and starts doing her household works. Let’s make it simple for both. She is supporting you, taking care of your family, sharing your responsibilities, why don’t you share her responsibilities too? She is your better half, do you know what better half means? Understand it, try to understand her and make both of your lives bit easy.

She is your wife, she is making your life beautiful by her presence, with so much of love and care for you and your family. Respect her, love her and if you can’t, just leave her on her own.

P.S. – I am talking about just those women who really do this all for their family and not those who are taking an advantage of being a girl or a woman.

There are many men who really support their wives in every possible way and I respect those men who treat their wife as same as they are, as an individual and I appreciate those who are really doing it.

There are many families who are supporting their daughters to lead a successful life as their sons and not differentiating on the basis of gender. Respect for them all.

This blog is for those people who are still believing in gender differentiation, this has to be stopped now.

Thank you everyone who has given their precious time to read this blog, I would really like to know your opinions on it, so share your opinions through comments.

– Suvarna Barge (Megha).

28 thoughts on “Because I am a girl…

  1. krish

    So we’ll articulated Suvarna…I agree with you on all aspects you have highlighted…women alone have to fight and break this prevalent mindset…I had written couple if articles on this earlier on…
    Your heart is in the right place…..and you express really well..
    God bless

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  2. Everyone around you is doing what they believe to be the best for you but they do not have to live your life. What everyone thinks is best for you might be in part or in whole but only you truly know what is best for you so do that.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this, my friend.
    I felt so bad after realising that so many of these statements have been told to me too. All over our nation, this is something every girl gets to hear. Thank you for attempting to break that notion✨🌸

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  4. Dear friend,

    For me first comes the human being I see in everyone – to be a human being is the common denominator that connects us all inspite of different religious lables, different nations, cultures, different skin colour and different genders.

    So welcome, my dear friend as a human being 🙂
    From heart to heart

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  5. Deeply touched …life being as a girl is not that easy …times are changing …Four men are very important in life of a girl
    Firstly father who supports her treats and cares her like his princess
    Secondly brother who should be supportive and loving
    Thirdly husband who loves and supports her in every walk of her life
    Fourthly her son ..who takes care of her in her old days

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