​Things you must do in your 20’s instead of getting married: 

1. Live Alone :

Stay independently once for a while. This will let you know your capabilities, how much you are dependent on others and how much you can do on your own. 

2.Start saving for yourself :

It’s the time when we keep spending money and that’s really fine but keep some part of your earning for savings. Invest your money in different investment options. 

3. Follow your passion :

You are working, financially independent. So now, its time to follow your passion. Try to find out any of your passion and learn it, do it, work on it, you will be happy that you gave it a try! 

 4. Travel a lot : 

Travel as much as you can. This is the only time in life when you are free from any of the responsibilities, so utilize this time in traveling. You will realize your strengths and weaknesses, you will get to know yourself very well.

5. Family Time :

Spend some time with your family. They need you right now, they need someone to talk to. Be their friend.

6. Think about yourself :

Think about what you really want in your life. Give yourself time. This is the time when you indulge in your work so much that you keep one fix schedule like eat, work, sleep and repeat and so you just forget to think about what you really want in your life. 

7. Read books :

Read as much as you can whether it is a novel, journals, newspapers or any other thing of your interest. It is the time to get good amount of knowledge and so you must do that.

8. Be responsible :

Start being responsible for your success as well as failures. Take a complete charge of your life in your own hand. Face whatever comes in front of you. Don’t let it down you. Be strong. 

9. Learn to say NO : 

This is the time when you really need to learn to say NO. You don’t want unnecessary drama in your life, nobody wants that, but some of us can’t say NO to others and that’s the problem. You have the right to say, do whatever you want, feel if it’s good for yourself.

10. Focus on your career : 

You are at the start of your career. So focus on your dream job. Work hard to get what you want. Don’t worry about failure, just give your 100% in your work. 

All the best.

– Suvarna (Megha). 

47 thoughts on “​Things you must do in your 20’s instead of getting married: 

  1. Nice post, nice tips and very different from theory to moving all rules, living alone is fine, family, travel and a career and a thing is sure if you want you can be enjoying a fascinating travel called life where lots of goals come true and many others no.
    Live it up Megha!

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  2. True nd i completely agree to what u say
    But when dis knda topics r discssd wth parents dey find it weird nd gve the lame excuse dat all ur dreams wll be the same aftr marriage as well
    Which is one hell of a lie nd dats how i see it

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  4. Gone are those old days when the girl was married in her early age of adoloscence …the girl of today does all these things before she gets married …and I feel she should enjoy life herself before getting married

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