Broken Relation… 💔

Relationships…the best and the most important part of all of our lives. 

There are many relations we do have with different different people. 

Relationships like mom and dad, they are the reason of our existence. Our siblings, with whom we grow up, we share all of our stuff, emotions and our whole childhood. Then there are friends, who are the ones with whom we share all those things which we cannot possibly share with our siblings or parents. 

Then after a while, there comes someone, called girlfriend/boyfriend and they may turn into your life partner! And its all good if that person turns into your life partner, and its also fine, if you both get separated on mutual terms and understanding that you are not compatible to each other, but the problem occurs when one of them just wants to leave and the other one is madly in love with that person. 

Nowadays, this is a very usual scenario we get to see around us, many of us are facing this problem, many of us have already went through this and moved on but there are still some people who haven’t moved on, who are depressed because of this, who feel that they cannot be loved, they have lost their confidence, some are pitying themselves, and some have unfortunately taken their own lives.

I just want to ask some questions to all of those who are really depressed because of that single person.

Was she/he there when you were sick? or your parents were there? 

Was she/he there when no one was there for you? or your friends were there? 

Did you share your childhood with your siblings? or with her/him? 

Did you live your life before she/he came into it or you never did? 

And if the answer is yes, you lived before her/him, when your parents, siblings, friends were there instead of him/her, then what the hell is wrong now? 

Why have you lost your confidence because of that one person? 

Didn’t you ever love all those people who were there from very beginning and still are there with you? or you loved her/him so much that now your heart stopped working.. suddenly! 

Even after all of this, still if you feel that you love her/him, then love them with all of your heart, without expecting them to love you back, without harming your ownself, without lowering your own worth. 

Live for that love of your life. Don’t make them feel like villain of your life and obviously you will not make them feel like that if you really love them, you will expect them to be happy even if they left you. And if they have done wrong, they will realize some or the other day. You don’t worry about that. You just do what true lover can do! 

Live for those who loved you. Love yourself before loving anybody else. And I am sure, everything is going to be fine. 

Please think about those who have always loved you and still love you a lot, before doing anything harmful to your life. 

Your mother gave you this very beautiful life after carrying you inside her womb for 9 months and going through a lot of pain and even more pain than that after our birth as well! 

Your father worked hard all his life to fulfill your dreams, to give you luxurious life! 

Your siblings compromised their things, wishes for your wishes to come true. 

Your friends gave you a shoulder whenever you were in grief and happiness when you needed it the most. 

Don’t disappoint them all. 

Love! Laugh!! Live!!!❤
– Suvarna (Megha). 

48 thoughts on “Broken Relation… 💔

      1. You are absolutely right… Bcoz.. I have seen so many cases like teenagers gets engaged in relationship at the age below 16 … that means before maturity.. So.. They can’t handle that much pressure.. & most of the people fail in their careers who got engaged in relationships… Basically love is different things which can be seen in circumstances rather than only in relationships

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  1. You have made a very valid point. Much of the hurt people feel, after a break-up , is due to bruised ego. One’s ability to make love is not compromised by a break-up. One’s ability to go out and work at his/her job should not be impaired by a break-up. I have lived long enough to know that the bedrock love of my family and closest friends is for real, so this or that random woman coming into my well-lived life will not matter all that much, if she chooses to leave, after a brief period.

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    1. Yes, you are right! If it’s her choice to leave, let her go. Because if she really loves you, she won’t go. Why being stucked there when she don’t care, instead love those about whom you are very sure that they love you..and life is happy then and there…! Love is beautiful emotion, everyone can’t feel it, and those who feel it are the lucky ones so consider yourself very much lucky that you felt the love and be happy and let her go, live her life, you live yours. EasyLife!!! 😉 🙂

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  2. meeraganesan

    A real good read! What you have written is so true. So many people just fall into depression or lose the will to live after a break up. People need to understand that there is life after love. Whatever happens happens for good and there will be a better tomorrow.
    Looking forward to more posts!!

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  3. Attachment or detachment are mind pursuits. Noone can stop you being attached or detached. Love is beautiful feeling , it’s mentally we make it weak to fight the life. Life is stronger and full of confidence & love makes it stronger

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