Be Happy…❤

In today’s world, many of us are busy worrying about something which is yet to come, someone’s worry for their loved one, for family, career or some other thing, but yes everyone is worrying about some or other thing and that is really depressing.

There is something which you can do to be happy..


Meditation can help you to relieve the stress. Everyday in the morning, please keep half an hour free for the sake of meditation. It helps you to keep your mind peaceful and happy too. 


Workout everyday. You can do yoga, you can go for a walk or for jogging, you can join some zumba classes, if you love to dance, then start dancing for a while, it will give you an extreme happiness as well it will keep you fit also. And if your health is good, the less stress you will be facing. 

Connect to others:

Make some friends. Talk to people. Talk to family. You need to express your emotions and feelings somewhere at least at some point of time. Sharing is must. That will connect you to others and it will also keep you free minded and you will be happy that you have someone to share your happiness as well your reasons to be upset. And so then, you will not feel alone in such times. 

Follow your passion: 

You may like dancing, singing, playing, painting, acting or any other thing of your interest but you are so busy in your professional life that you have forgotten or else kept aside your passion by choice, whatever the reason maybe, but DON’T. This can be a reason for not being happy with life.

Help others: 

Try to help others whenever and wherever it is possible. Try if you can help one person everyday. While doing something for others, don’t expect anything from them. Just do it because you want to do it. It will make you feel happy about yourself that you helped some needful person.

Look at the brighter side of the things, always.

Be Grateful:

Smile. Even if you are sad/ upset at some thing, find the reason to be happy at. And be happy. Laugh a lot and often. Whenever you are worried about something, look at someone who is less fortunate than you. And be grateful that you atleast have shelter on your head. Be grateful to the God for whatever you have. Once you need less, you will definitely have more.

Don’t Give Up:

Keep trying. Don’t lose faith on any thing. If you failed at doing some thing, analyze why did u fail? Analyze it calmly. Think on it. Do SWOT analysis. Make another plan and go get it. 
Above all, be the hero of your life, not the victim.

29 thoughts on “Be Happy…❤

  1. Great post Suvarna. Thank you for taking me as a follower.
    And there’s something in common.
    I am also a day dreamer and believe in dreams. And my beautiful coach told me that being happy is most important. She even said we can be selfish to be happy.
    I am sure to follow this million dollar one devotedly.🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much sir for appreciation and for following me! 🙂 Speechless right now, I have no words to express myself in response to your comment, Thanks a lot! I am just a learner and I am getting very good response from other bloggers just like you sir, and it means a lot to me in my journey of blogging! Have a nice day sir! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Megha. You too have a great day.
        If you get time to read my posts, I have said time and again that, I find most happiness being in company of such talented bloggers.
        This is the place

        Liked by 1 person

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